Brand - Adamus

Volume - 70cl

Alcohol Content - 44.4%

Country of Origin - Portugal

Flavour Profile - Floral, Fruity



This Pack contains:

1 x Adamus Dry Gin 70cl

1 x Gift / Presentation box

2 x Adamus Copa-Glasses

2 x Adamus Cork Coasters

Adamus Dry Gin

Handcrafted in Portugal, this is a premium gin which has a delicate and fruity flavour.

This fruity flavour really makes Adamus something special, and is unique in that it comes from a organically produced wine grape. These are sourced from a small region of Portugal called Bairrada.

Adamus is the only gin which uses this grape as a botanical in its production. This along with 17 other organic botanicals, including hibiscus, juniper, orange, lemon, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and salvia. The remaining botanicals are kept a secret, which adds to the mystery that makes Adamus deliciously special.


Interesting to note.... 86 different botanicals were tried and tested before the final perfect blend was decided on, with only the best 18 natural botanicals being selected.

A delicious gin, it is crystal clear in appearance, and has an aroma which is floral and lightly fruity. The flavour is delicate, yet complex. It has notes of lavender, honeysuckle and grapefruit, alond with a gently herbal twist. It finishes off slowly with a dry finish.

The bottle itself showcases Portugual as well, with a white ceramic appearance and natural cork. 


For a Grape & Ginger Adamus Gin Tonic, fill a copa-glass with ice, and stir to cool the glass. Pour out excess water and then add 50ml of gin. Add 3 sliced grapes, and a slice of fresh ginger to enhance the botanicals in the gin, and also garnish. To finish, gently pour in 200ml of your favour tonic.

Adamus Gin gift Set