Enjoy this cod in olive oil and garlic straight from the tin. Cod is generally known in Portugal as Bacalhau, and the name usually refers to dried and salted cod – fresh cod is rarely found in Portuguese cuisine, but Bacalhau enjoys nationwide popularity. Here, the specially selected codfish pieces are lightly cooked and packed in olive oil with garlic – a classic Portuguese combination, and another way they get their codfish fix if they ever get bored of Bacalhau!

Serve the cod in olive oil and garlic with fluffy white rice and salad for a quick main meal. Or drizzle slices of fresh bread with olive oil and toast until crisp, top with pieces of cod and finish with a squeeze of lemon and a few drops of piri piri sauce for a Portuguese-inspired starter.

Portugal is a nation that knows its seafood, particularly sardines, and all of Jose Gourmet’s seafood is fished off the Portuguese coast. Jose Gourmet are passionate about all Portuguese food and drink – for example, the olive oil used in their tinned seafood is all single grove from one of the oldest olive groves in Portugal. They continue their celebration of all things Portuguese by collaborating with local illustrators and artists for their stunning and unique packaging.


Ingredients: codfish (70%), olive oil (28.5%) Garlic (0.5%) salt. Contains allergens: fish.

  • Origin:Portugal

  • Size:120g

  • Minimum shelf life:1 year

Codfish in Olive Oli with Garlic